viernes, 24 de mayo de 2019

Celebrating Poetry

Our Annual Verse Competition, which was held on May 24th, was a great success! We enjoyed listening to a large number of enthusiuastic children who surprised us reciting about Snowflakes, Owls, Winter gardens, Books that will always be waiting for us, Teachers who eat homework and Shadows that like to grow!

We would like to congratulate all those children who made a big effort to learn the poems and all those who took part in the Competition. We are proud of all of you!

We specially thank Miss Silvia Mackenzie for all her help and Miss Christine, Miss Roxy and Miss Nora for being part of our Board of Judges.

Finally, we give an enormous round of applause to those children who got the first prize in each category and will represent our school at Barker Verse Competition in the month of June.

These children are:

1st Form:  Selena Maugeri Díaz
2nd Form: Benicio Abegao
3rd Form:  Abigail Lapazuck
4ht Form:  Augusto Basile
5th Form:  Lucía Riera
6th Form:  Charo Palermo

Well done children! & All the Best!

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