viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2018

A Wonderful Year has come to an end!

It is time to say goodbye to a year full of learning, joy, interesting challenges, growth, fun, hard work, friendship, and many other things that have made of this an amazing year!

I would like to congratulate and thank each child and each teacher for their hard work and enthusiasm shown throughout the year! You all helped to make this a very special year! Well done!

We would like to share with you part of the Christmas Assembly, we enjoyed with our “beautiful children”.

May the magic and wonder of Christmas stay with you throughout the coming year!

Enjoy your holidays!
With love,

Miss Indiana

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2018

More about Dinosaurs ....🦖🦕

We're working with Dinosaurs. This quadruped dinosaur was herbivorous and  had horns and a beak similar to that of a parrot 🦖🐦

Giganotosaurus Carolinii considered the largest carnivorous dinosaur in the world, surpasses the famous Tyranosaurus Rex in size!!

A fossilized nest of eggs laid by an unknown species of dinosaur is part of our exhibit:

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2018

Lights, Camera .. Action ...

To close our Project “Sharing our opinion”, 6th Formers chose several films and wrote reviews of them. After reading their reviews, they voted and together they chose “The Greatest Showman” as the best one.

Last Monday November 12th we enjoyed a “film and pop corn” afternoon. We had a great time!

martes, 6 de noviembre de 2018

Maratón de Lectura 📒📘

La maratón de Lectura 📖 nos permite disfrutar del placer de leer!! 

Es una gran ocasión para el encuentro con las palabras, la oralidad y la imaginación.

Dinosaur 🦖🦕

We are working with dinosaurs. We have learnt lots of things. 

Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. There were no people and the weather was always warm. The world looked like a big jungle. 

There were 800 different dinosaurs, we don’t know the colour they were. Dinosaur means Terrible Lizard. 3rd form students made Dino-Ramas to show life in those days.

Note write by Miss Mayra 3rd Blue

Thinking outside the box!!

Every other Friday at 1pm we share a challenging activity: Our Thinking Outside the Box Interhouse Form Competition.

Children gather in small groups according to their Form and House to think together and find a solution to a lateral thinking problem. 

It is a great opportunity to develop new thinking skills and strategies, to get to know classmates better and to have lots of fun cheering for our houses!

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2018


Los alumnos de 3º amarillo y azul visitaron la fábrica Modelo de la heladería La Veneciana, perteneciente a la familia Martín quienes la fundaron en el año 1949.

Los niños recorrieron las instalaciones guiados por sus dueños. El Sr. Livio y sus hijos Marina y Alvaro.

Durante el mismo observaron cómo se realiza un circuito productivo y la utilización de diversos materiales y materias primas, nos acompañaron los empleados y encargados de las distintas secciones de la elaboración.

Reconocieron mezclas y saborearon del producto terminado un exquisito helado artesanal.

Nota creada por Cris y Diana