domingo, 7 de julio de 2019

Forum 2019

Is it worth exploring other planets if we can hardly take care of our own? Do you think that the way people learnt thirty years ago was better than the way our children learn today? And what about social networks? Do you think that nowadays kids look up to people such as “Instagrammers” who are not good role models for society? 

These were the topics that children from ten different schools enthusiastically discussed at our Junior Forum held on July 4th at the Founder’s Hall.
It was great to see 6th form children expressing their views in English, discussing about Education, suggesting ways to protect our planet or giving advice on how to use social networks such as Instagram or You Tube appropriately.

We would like to congratulate all our children on their active participation and commitment shown: the “Panellists”, who made a great effort to study their speeches and represented us so well and the “Floor” who participated actively sharing their points of view. We are really grateful to those children that were chosen as usherers who welcomed and led children from other schools and helped with the microphones.

Well done children!! You all did a great job! We are really
proud of you!

By Indiana Noble

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