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Annual Verse Competition

On May17th our Centennial Hall was filled with the lovely sound of poetry. Together with our special Board of Judges we shared a great afternoon listening to our seventy- odd participants from the different forms reciting poems enthusiastically and with excellent pronunciation. 

Apart from congratulating participants on their outstanding performance, we would also like to congratulate and thank the audience for listening so respectfully. It was another great opportunity to take pride in our children’s achievements and to celebrate learning together.
We would specially like to thank Miss Christine, Miss Pamela and Miss Alice for their invaluable job as judges and Miss Sylvia for all her help. We were all very happy to see you!

On Tuesday May 22nd we had our Prize Giving Ceremony. It was a pleasure to have Mr. Paul sharing this Assembly with us and giving out prizes. Thank you Mr. Paul!

In this opportunity we congratulate the following children who obtained the First Prize Award:

1st Y: Stefanía Q.F.
1st B: Lucía Z.

2nd Y: Alegra M.
2nd B: Juana B.

3rd Y: Mora C.
3rd B: Camila R.

4th Y: Catalina W.
4th B: Tomás L.

5th Y: Bernardita C de F. & Emma S.
5th B: Augusto P.

6th Y: Juana A.C.
6th B: Juani B.

And last but not least, we are proud to announce that Lucía Z., Alegra M., Mora C., Tomás L. Bernardita C de F and Juana A.C. will be representing our school in the Verse Competition to be held at Barker College on June 7th.

We wish them all the very best!!

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