martes, 13 de marzo de 2018

Junior Monitors 2018

During the month of March Spanish and English teachers from different areas worked hard in order to choose Monitors for this year. 

Some of the aspects taken into consideration during this process were leadership, respect, responsibility, relationship with peers and their positive attitude in class and sports. After a very thorough process of selection we are proud to announce our Junior Monitors for the year 2018. 

They are: Isabella Caballero Martínez, Migliorelli Lucas, Juan Martín Fuks, Ana Cavagna, Bernarda Calaza, Juan Ignacio Bulgheroni, Tomás Calabrese, Mila García Rocca, Augusto Pereyra, Juan Moliné, Aimie Mac Gaw and Tomás Rossi. 

We congratulate them all and we wish them the best in their new role!!

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